10 Golden Rules to Craft Attractive Logo Design

A logo is the basic element of a brand that allows a brand to represent itself to the audience through that unique and striking design. The process of designing an attractive logo design requires a lot of knowledge about the brand, skills of designing, and experience of tailoring the design.

When you are designing a logo from scratch then you should know that how you will represent the brand, product, or services. The right logo to represent your brand can become a valuable asset for your branding and promotional activities. To achieve recognition through the logo, you need to understand the Logo Design Concepts and the working of each logo design type.

Why Logos are Important?

Logo designs are essential because they are the first and basic piece of branding and that a customer sees. Used to make a strong impression on the audience and to make them know more about the brand if a logo is successful. When a logo design is attractive and striking then it makes your audience invest their time and money in your brand or product/service.

In the whole branding process, the center of attraction is the logo of that brand. Some of the brands can make their logo on their own but to add professionalism and creativity, it is preferred to contact an agency that provides Creative Logo Design Services, or else you can simply go through this article to know the art of designing a logo.

We have enlisted 10 golden rules for you to understand the design process of a logo and how you can implement your logo design as a part of your branding strategy.

Essential Guidelines to Craft Attractive Logo Design:

  1. Lay the Groundwork:

Every professional designer works differently and their processes differ from each other. But most of the experts start with doing some initial research and set the groundwork for the whole process. This step includes research on clients’ businesses and niches. You get to know the trend in the target market and get to know that what type of logo their rivals are using and what is already out in the market.

Make sure that you know every detail about the client’s business, why they establish their brand, and what their offerings to the consumer are. Everything you discover in this initial phase will lead you to design a successful, unique, and well-structured logo for your client.

  1. Use the sketchpad:

To record initial design ideas and to draw a logo with your hand then a sketchpad is the best option for you to go with. Using the sketchpad allows you to rest your eyes from the screen and reduces the screen time for you other than that health benefit, you will be able to draw the initial design with freedom. Whenever an idea comes to your mind you can easily note it down on the sketchpad with a pen or pencil.

Sketching will help you put different elements easily wherever you want. It helps you to share some sketches with your client when you are trying to describe the design idea and helps them to visualize the final results.

As you come up with a sketch and an initial idea of the logo design, now you can use digital tools to design your logo digitally. To do so, start with only two colors, black and white, to keep it simple and clear. Because when you are designing a logo you will have to do several changes during the process, so a monochrome color theme will make it easy for you to make edits to the logo design. All the elements of the logo can be visible and editable easily.

  1. Design it appropriately:

A design should be relevant to the ideas and the theme of the business, which portrays a brand perfectly. All the elements, including colors, shapes, fonts, and graphical illustrations should be aligned in a way that every element look appropriate and delivers the meaning of the logo perfectly. This step is the most crucial of all because design speaks itself and a perfect design logo attracts the audience more effectively and efficiently.

To get a perfectly designed logo it is preferred to avail of Professional Graphic Design Services because they will design the logo appropriately and consider the demands of the audience.

  1. Aim for a Memorable Logo:

If a logo is designed while keeping the Logo Design Concepts in mind then it will surely make a memory in the mind of the targeted audience. The simplicity aids recognition and makes you stand out from the competition because its design is easy to recall and ageless. Logos are meant to convey the story only from that single design so it has to be simple, striking, and relevant. It should have a versatile appearance so that it can work in different sizes and on different platforms.

  1. Strive for the Uniqueness:

If your competitors are using the same fonts and same designs then it will be a difficult task to make a difference. To be unique go for different styles, colors, and fonts that set your logo apart. While designing the logo follow the trend but in such a way that it makes you look unique and make you able to beat your rivals.

  1. Consider the Brand Identity:

Make sure to keep the brand identity and brand mission and goals in mind while designing the logo. Because it is very important for a logo to represent that brand appropriately and makes your audience know well about your brand. When you have an idea about where the logo will be used so it will be easy for you to design it as per the requirements.

  1. Always get Feedbacks:

Never underestimate the value of the feedback, because you get to know the things that you might have missed out on while designing. Once you have your logo designed always show it to others before finalizing it. Allow other peers to cast an eye over your design and get their feedback to make your design errorless and best of all.

  1. Bring your Logo to Life:

In the modern market designing and having a logo is not enough, to attract the audience you need to make your logo alive. To do so you might consider that how you can bring it to life through the motions and animations for the digital world. You may collaborate with the animators to make animation and transition of your logo.

When everything is finalized and out in the market, then be prepared for the possible criticism and disapproval from the market. Take them positively and consider them as feedbacks on your logo, implement them and update your logo accordingly. A great branding strategy is adaptable and versatile that accept criticism and change according to the demands and needs of the market.

These tips will help you a lot in designing a great logo for your brand, other than that you can also hire professionals for Custom Logo Design.


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